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"I can’t handle this,” he told her.

But something in his expression screamed:

“I can’t handle you.”

And she thought then, that perhaps all relationships were just a case of who gave up first. And her pride couldn’t decide which was worse: giving up when you had promised them not to, or waking up to find that they had given up on you.”

-Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #75 (via blossomfully)

I hope one day
you find whatever it is
you’re looking for.
I hope she’s beautiful.
I hope she appreciates every
single wonderful thing
you have to offer.

I hope one day
I find whatever it is
I’m looking for.
I hope he is nothing like you.
I hope he brings me more joy
than you could’ve ever brought.

I hope you miss me
for quite some time
even though I know how
selfish it is to wish
the pain I feel
onto you.
But you must know that
I would do anything for you.
You must know that
I will wake up on all the days
for the rest of my life
that I do not get
the pleasure of seeing you
and I will remember your smile
and the way your arms felt
wrapped around me.

I wish for nothing more
than for you to be happy
and for me to be happy
and for us to be happy

But if that does not happen
my only wish is that
one day you may fully understand
how lucky you were.

I would kill to have
someone love me
the way I love you.

-Love is a horribly splendid thing (via fuckyouveryveryymuch)